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  1)Zynga seeking to get shares back from workers before IPO

  by San Francisco

  Zynga has demanded that some of its workers return the shares they received in place of high salaries, as the company prepares for its initial public offering。

  The company’s planned IPO could value it at nearly $20 billion and make holders of large blocks of stocks rich。

  But the company’s demand that workers return shares or be fired could expose it to employment litigation, the Wall Street Journal reports。

  The matter puts a spotlight on the practice of startups offering stock rather than high salaries to early employees。

  The San Francisco powerhouse, maker of the hit games FarmVille and CityVille, filed its S-1 with the SEC in July, indicating it could raise as much as $1 billion. The company was originally planning for a September debut, but delayed the IPO due to market volatility。

  Zynga recently opened a large development office in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood。(source:techflash)

  2)Facebook To Grab $7 Of Every $10 Spent On Social Ads

  by David Cohen

  Ad spending on social networks continues to increase, as does Facebook’s share of that pie, meaning that $7 out of every $10 invested in social network advertising will go to Facebook by the end of 2012.

  So eMarketer sees ad spending on social networks topping $8 billion in 2012 and nearing $10 billion in 2013 globally, pegging those figures at $3.9 billion and $4.81 billion, respectively, in the U.S。

  Facebook is the big winner in eMarketer’s eyes, as the research firm projected that it will total $5.78 billion in advertising revenue in 2012, accounting for 72 percent of social network ad revenue and 6.1 percent of global online ad spending (7.9 percent in the United States)。

  Debra Aho Williamson, eMarketer principal analyst and author of new report, “Worldwide Social Network Ad Revenues: A $10 Billion Market by 2013,” added:

  With $7 of every $10 in social network advertising flowing to the company, Facebook is taking not only a greater share than ever of social network ad spending, but also an increasing proportion of total online ad spending. Although its ad offerings and metrics aren’t perfect, marketers still feel they need to be there to reach their target audience。(source:allfacebook)

  3)DeNA’s Mobage Adds TinyCo to a Growing Stable of Games

  Kathleen De Vere

  International DeNA continues to aggressively expand its Mobage gaming network, announcing this week that it has inked a deal with TinyCo that would see the San Francisco based developer bring its popular iOS titles Tiny Chef and Tiny Nightclub to the company’s Android network of games。

  The agreement, signed between DeNA subsidiary Ngmoco:) and TinyCo brings another developer to the quickly growing stable for Mobage’s Western-facing platform, which now includes some of the most popular games from NimbleBit, The Playforge, Backflip Studios, Uken Games, Rock You and Game Insight. TinyCo already has three of its games available for Android: VIP Poker, Tap Resort Party and Tiny Zoo Friends。

  While the Mobage Network has 30 million users in its native Japan, its North American expansion hasn’t been entirely smooth. For one, the rollout of the platform built around Ngmoco’s ngCore technology, which makes it easier to deploy a single game across multiple operating systems and devices, took longer than expected。

  There were also a few issues that Ngmoco had to fix during the beta period. At first, Mobage made users download the network’s primary app first before getting users to interact with the games, which meant that developers like PocketFrogs had trouble gaining traction on the network even though they’ve been extremely successful on iOS。

  Ngmoco moved quickly to resolve these issues, allowing users to download the games first. But they also compel the user to download the Mobage client。

  Since Mobage has come out of beta its performance has improved, especially as Ngmoco has stepped up its marketing spend. That prompted Ngmoco’s chief executive and DeNA director Neil Young to lash out at early critics, namely PapayaMobile last week. Zombie Farm is currently the #23 top grossing app on the Android charts, but many of the network’s other games are still lagging as compared to their iOS performance. Developers on the Mobage network gain access to a shared currency, a virtual goods bank system, a payment API, advertising management and analytics tools。

  According to Ngmoco, Mobage has more than 100 different titles in development. A review of the Android marketplace shows 27 games in the Mobage network. The iOS version of Mobage is scheduled make its debut before the end of the year。(source:insidemobileapps)

  4)Could Disney’s Playdom be in worse shape than previously thought?

  by Joe Osborne